AIK (Australian Institute of Kinesiologists)

Interviewing for Kinesiologists 1 and 2 are recognised by the AIK as a total of 24 hours per course for accreditation towards:

  • Professional membership or
  • Continuing Education

AACTA recognises these two courses as the equivalent of completing ACT 1 and ACT 2 and can be counted towards Certification in Control Theory.

Contact: Jenny McFadden for more information about Interviewing for Kinesiologists 1 and 2. or call 0403 787 474.

New South Wales Institute of Teachers

AACTA has been endorsed as a provider for continuing professional development with the New South Wales Institute of Teachers.  AACTA offers the following courses with accreditation of the designated hours.

  1. “Effective Classroom Management Using Restitution” - 12 hours
  2. “Silver Bullets & Strategies for Creating a Quality Classroom” - 12 hours.

AACTA is awaiting endorsement for a third course:

“Authentic Assessment for Quality Learning Outcomes” – 6 hours.

These courses address elements 1-6 of the Professional Teaching Standards.