Customised Courses

While AACTA offers a range of specially designed courses presenters will negotiate a course to cater for the specific needs of any particular group.

AACTA Instructors are amenable to modifying courses to suit the needs of any group including course content, length and location. Different group sizes are catered for - from small group settings to large workshops and presentations.

(Fees can be negotiated with each Instructor and are arranged separately from AACTA)

Should you wish to run such a course for a ‘closed’* group, contact the Instructor to discuss the specific needs of your group.

To arrange for a course to be designed and delivered for your group or workplace contact Jenny McFadden who will help you be directed to the Trainer who will suit your needs.

*A closed group is one where all organisation for the course is undertaken by the group engaging the Instructor for that purpose.

Sample Courses:

Courses for Leaders and Managers

Vision and Values 1 and 2

The importance of vision and values in any organisation is best summed up in the words of Stephen Covey. ‘Begin with the end in mind.’ Visioning creates a mental picture of where the group wants to go and how they want to get there. Once they know and agree on where they want to go then forging a plan to get there is relatively easier. The process of visioning is just as important as the product because it is this process that creates the energy for the planning and action ahead.”
Participants will learn a process of developing a shared vision, based on the core values and beliefs of the organisation. This course is applicable to leadership, management and teams of any organisation from school classroom to multinational corporation.

  1. Creating your Vision based on chosen values | 6 hours
  2. Actioning your Vision | 6 hours

Inspiring Strategies for Aspiring Leaders

Leadership and enhancing the quality of workplace relationships.
A recent Australian study, Simply the Best ( published by Dr Daryll Hull and Vivien Read of UNSW confirmed that, “To produce quality work in Australia, one must have quality working relationships.” The quality of the leadership was also a vital ingredient. The bosses in the 16 excellent workplaces in the study understood that how they behaved was a determinant of how the workers themselves felt about the job. Workers valued leaders who worked as a captain/coach and in an atmosphere where they believed they could have their say and be acknowledged when they showed initiative. The skills and ideas presented and practised in this course will provide participants with the knowhow to become leaders for the new millennium.

Building and Maintaining Better Relationships in the Workplace

An understanding of Perceptual Control Theory is the essence of this course which teaches ways to negotiate and create the conditions for people to work together.
A graph of human progress in technology over the past 100 years would show exponential growth. The same graph of human progress in terms of better relationships would be a flat-line. Why? Because throughout history people have been trying to control others through the means of external motivation and it does not work over time to produce quality relationships. Only when we give up trying to make others do what we want and really listen to them and negotiate can we really start to build more effective relationships
Participants in this course will learn to ways to act with appropriate assertiveness and manage conflict more effectively through the practice of skills and strategies presented.

Instructor Contacts:Jenny McFadden: