Educators & Managers

AACTA offers a number of courses that are based on Perceptual Control Theory (PCT) and aimed at improving participant skills in developing and maintaining effective relationships – essential in the classroom and in the management of people in the workplace. While course content can be negotiated to accommodate the needs of specific groups, AACTA has a number of courses specifically designed for these two global fields.

In the Education field, AACTA offers courses that support teachers in the classroom:

  1. Effective Classroom Management Using Restitution ©** - 12 hours
  2. “Silver Bullets & Strategies for Creating a Quality Classroom”** - 12 hours
  3. Managing Students with Challenging Behaviours - 3 or 6 hours
  4. Creating the Conditions for Quality Teaching and Learning - 6 hours
  5. Conflict Resolution and Third Party Mediation for Students - 12 hours

** AACTA is endorsed by the NSW Institute of Teachers for the delivery of these courses which address aspects of the elements 2, 4, 5 and 6 of the Professional Teaching Standards

For Leaders and Managers AACTA offers the following:

  1. Circle of Strength © - 6 or 12 hours
  2. Negotiation for Sustained Change - 6 hours
  3. Vision and Values 1 and 2 - 12 hours
  4. Inspiring Strategies for Aspiring Leaders - 6 hours
  5. Reinventing Yourself © - 6 or 12 hours

AACTA presenters in these areas are experienced leaders in their field and show how PCT explains the dynamics of human relationships. While the courses draw upon the theoretical work of Stephen Covey, Peter Senge, Edgar Schein and Michael Fullan the main emphasis of each course is to provide effective classroom or workplace strategies to promote successful outcomes.