Training Process

No pre-requisites!

Anyone is welcome to attend any course supported by AACTA, no matter what previous training they may have done.

You can undertake the full AACTA certification process, or attend courses just for your own benefit.


Consists of ACT 1 and 2  which are 24 hours each plus Master Practitioner Training which is 8 days or 4 weekends.

Each ACT is comprised of lecture, discussion, workshop and roleplay with self-evaluation, leading to an understanding of Perceptual Control Theory and its applications (see Customised Courses) for different professions, for parents or for self development.

Interviewing for Kinesiologists 1 and 2 are recognised Core courses being the equivalent of ACT 1 and ACT 2, each being 24 hours and core content being applied to the practice of Kinesiology.

For Educators, all or some of the hours attended may be recognised by The NSW Institute of Teachers. Please discuss this with your Instructor.